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Welcome to your journey to make an extra $250k to $1M+ per year. You're In The Right Place.

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How it Works


change your money by changing your mind first with our online teaching


learn how to monetize your skill set


find where your skills are needed, and begin acquiring contracts

What to Expect

Registration closes Thursday, June 22nd 

Online Class Starts Monday, June 26th

  • Private online teaching archive

  • Private community of likeminded people who are building wealth 

  • Invites to in-person masterminds (live streaming available to those who can’t attend)  

  • Scale up your economy

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Why this course?

4 Reasons This Course Is For You:

This course curriculum is accredited through TransWorld Accrediting Commission International, and credits could be used towards a bachelors degree in Leadership at The Supernatural University, if assessments are passed and other state requirements are met.

Who's Jonathan Ferguson

About Jonathan



Jonathan Ferguson is first and foremost a family man. He has achieved entrepreneurial success as a content creator, real estate investor, producer, author and business coach.


Jonathan has coached multiple entrepreneurs who have become millionaires, and many others who have become high six-figure earners. He has also been sought out as advisory to influencers & political leaders, and is one of the few African Americans of his generation who has attended a White House briefing on official White House invitation. 


Jonathan has also curated a curriculum that has already been approved, by the Texas Higher Education Coordination Board, to offer bachelor's degrees in the area of leadership at his forthcoming university. This allows prospective students to receive scholarships and state funding, which is also a huge accomplishment for someone in his generation.


Jonathan is also known for his ability to seamlessly bridge the gap between “secular & sacred,” and show how biblical principles prove beneficial on both sides, to all people.


In addition to his entrepreneurial success, Jonathan has traveled extensively, in the Christian community, and has been featured on several international television stations such as Daystar, TBN, the Word Network, and more.


He has also been featured in Charisma magazine, and has been the guest on multiple top charting Christian podcasts. 


Jonathan’s overall brand is marked by wealth, luxury, and the evident  presence & power of God, merging its reality in everyday practicality, in ways that foster success and holistic living.


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